Al Warren Oil Company was founded in 1948 with one truck, one vision, and a commitment to excellence and personal relationships. Today, Al Warren Oil continues to be a proud family-owned organization that provides bulk petroleum fuels, renewable fuels, lubricants, and additives. With locations in Illinois and Indiana, the company’s operations include marketing bulk fuels, alternative fuels, and lubricants, on-site fueling, on-site tank installation, company-owned fleet fueling stations, and fuel quality and cleaning services.

Environmental benefits. Cost savings. Better engine performance. Fuel system health. All great reasons why sister companies Al Warren Oil Co. and Altom Transport use B20 biodiesel to fuel their tank wagon trucks and tractor-trailers that transport bulk fuels, biofuels, and liquids across the United States and Canada. Hear from manager Scott Piszczor on the companies’ joint commitment to cleaner-burning, renewable B20 fuel, and the best practices that guide their fuel decisions and the decisions of their customers.

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Al Warren Oil Company Facts:

million residents in service area
vehicles fueled with B20
gallons of B20 used per year
tons of carbon reduction annually
annual carbon reduction equivalent to trees planted
pounds of particulate reductions annually
estimated health benefit provided annually
year of B20 Club membership

“As a company that distributes fuels, we know the impact we have on the environment; we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. We try to think about the future.”

Scott Piszczor, Manager

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