Working Hand-in-Hand to Create a Cleaner Future

B20 Club Member Spotlight: Al Warren Oil Co. and Altom Transport

In 1948 Al Warren started his journey in the oil and gas industry with one truck and one vision. From humble roots in home heating oil deliveries, Al Warren Oil Co. has grown into a leader in the diesel, biodiesel, ethanol and gasoline business, serving a diverse portfolio of customers, including municipalities, marine operations, construction enterprises, trucking companies and more.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in the Warren family. 30 years after Al Warren Oil got its start, Al and his son Tom started Altom Transport, a specialized tanker-hauling business. Now servicing a lineup of Fortune 500 customers across the United States and Canada, Altom joins sister company Al Warren Oil in leading the charge for a cleaner, healthier future.

What’s fueling the success of Al Warren Oil and Altom Transport? World-class customer service, a drive for excellence and a rich, family-owned history are all part of the recipe.

And the not-so-secret ingredient? B20 biodiesel.

By using B20 biodiesel—a cleaner, renewable form of diesel fuel—these once small companies are making a big impact. The two companies operate over 250 diesel vehicles in Illinois and Indiana, all of which run on B20.

Manager Scott Piszczor says Al Warren Oil and Altom are committed to biodiesel for two reasons: environmental impact and product expertise.

“As a company that distributes fuels, we know the impact we have on the environment; we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. We try to think of the future,” said Piszczor. “We want to be known as a company that distributes fuels we know. We only recommend things we’ve tried with our own fleets.”

By remaining committed to B20, Al Warren Oil and Altom Transport have an annual carbon reduction that is equivalent to planting over 28,500 trees. In addition to keeping the environment healthy, B20 usage is keeping communities healthy as well. The 6.7 million residents living in Indiana communities serviced by Al Warren Oil and Altom have B20 to thank for nearly $30,000 in estimated health benefits each year.

Al Warren Oil and Altom’s commitment to a cleaner, healthier future doesn’t stop with their own usage of biodiesel. Together the two companies create and provide biodiesel blends for their impressive roster of customers.

When it comes to selling biodiesel, Piszczor says the proof is in the pudding. While there might have been resistance to biodiesel in the past, it’s not a hard sell anymore.

“From a business side, biodiesel helps with fuel system health by adding lubricity, increasing cetane and cleaning out the engines,” said Piszczor. “It does have benefits from a maintenance standpoint, including fewer injector issues and reduced regen activities.”

Once customers are ready to make the switch and commit to a cleaner future, Al Warren Oil is there to assist every step of the way. Using their years of expertise, Al Warren Oil sets customers up for success with personalized plans that fit each of their unique needs.

Al Warren Oil Co. and Altom Transport are proud to be inaugural members of the B20 Club of Indiana—a collaboration between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the American Lung Association that recognizes and supports the efforts of Indiana-based fleets using biodiesel blends of B20 or higher for at least six months out of the year.

“Being a leader, we are positioned to make this commitment to the B20 Club of Indiana. It was important for us to join the B20 Club of Illinois to grow awareness; we’re excited to help do the same in Indiana.”

About Biodiesel

Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil and distillers corn oil, biodiesel and renewable diesel are better, cleaner fuels that are available now for use in existing diesel engines without modification. These low-carbon, low-cost fuels are helping to reduce emissions today from trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and large equipment. Both are derived from renewable feedstocks and their use does not typically require expensive investments in refueling or recharging infrastructure. The market for these fuels has grown as the U.S. consumed about 3 billion gallons of biobased diesel fuel in 2020 and the market is set to double by 2030.

Learn more about how B20 helps Al Warren Oil Co. and Altom Transport reach their operational goals.