Riding MITS not only helps keep Muncie healthier but cleaner. MITS is dedicated to providing reliable and sustainable transportation options for the residents, students, and visitors to Muncie, Indiana. MITS proudly fuels its 33 full-size diesel transit buses with cleaner-burning, lower-carbon B20 biodiesel, a blend of 20% biodiesel, and 80% ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. A single commuter switching their commute to MITS will reduce approximately 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. That savings doubles if a household with two cars makes the switch. Studies have also shown that people who use public transportation regularly tend to be healthier than people who don’t—a fact that MITS takes great pride in.

Over a decade ago, MITS switched to B20 fuel for their entire fleet. It’s been a smooth ride ever since. First, they were able to hit the ground running thanks to B20 not requiring any special equipment or retrofitting. Over the years, performance has remained as high as ever, they haven’t experienced any biodiesel-related maintenance issues and miles per gallon has stayed steady. Most importantly, B20 provides a healthier environment for the citizens of Muncie—a priority that MITS always keeps at the top of their list. Hear from the whole MITS leadership team on their commitment to cleaner-burning, renewable B20 fuel for the good of the entire city.

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MITS Facts:

vehicles fueled with B20
gallons of B20 used during membership
tons of CO2e reduction during membership
carbon reduction equivalent to trees planted during membership
pounds of particulate reductions during membership
estimated health benefit provided during membership
years of B20 Club membership

“Biodiesel has had a positive impact on our fleets with no changes needed to facilitate the switch. We use it just like conventional diesel.”

-Larry (Pete) Shields, Director of Maintenance

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