Fueling a Cleaner Indiana: MITS and Ozinga Join the B20 Club of Indiana


Contact: Dave Blower Jr. at 317-644-0980; dblower@indianasoybean.com

INDIANAPOLIS (July 12, 2021)—The B20 Club of Indiana is excited to welcome two new fleets—the Muncie Indiana Transit System and Ozinga—to their exceptional lineup of members dedicated to promoting cleaner air and a lower carbon footprint through the use of B20 biodiesel fuel.

The Muncie Indiana Transit System, also known as MITS, is dedicated to providing reliable and sustainable transportation options for the residents, students and visitors of Muncie, Indiana. MITS currently operates 33 full-size transit buses, all of which run on B20 biodiesel. For nearly a decade MITS has been using biodiesel with remarkable results.

“Biodiesel has had a positive impact on our fleets with no changes needed to facilitate the switch,” said Larry (Pete) Shields, director of maintenance for MITS. “We use it just like conventional diesel. B20 is here to stay at MITS.”

Ozinga—a fourth-generation family-owned business that provides bulk materials and concrete solutions—has proudly been using B20 biodiesel for five years. Ozinga uses 900,000 gallons of B20 annually to fuel more than 130 vehicles. Through their use of B20, Ozinga is providing an estimated $107,000 in health benefits annually.

“We’re always looking for cleaner fuels to use at Ozinga. Not only is biodiesel clean, but it’s also benefitting American farmers and it’s a great performing fuel,” said Jeff Bonnema, vice president of fleet management at Ozinga.

The B20 Club of Indiana is a collaboration between the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA). It recognizes and supports Indiana fleets committed to using B20 and higher levels of biodiesel. Biodiesel is produced in Indiana using agricultural byproducts like soybean oil, animal tallow and distillers corn oil from ethanol production. It provides measurable health and environmental benefits to Indiana communities.

“We’re thrilled to see more Indiana-based fleets committing to B20,” said Jim Douglas, an ISA board member and a farmer from Flat Rock, Ind. “When fleets commit to biodiesel, they’re committing to improved community health and a cleaner future. From the farmer to the fleet, biodiesel is making a real difference in Indiana.”

“We’re very excited to welcome MITS and Ozinga to the B20 Club. Our members are committed to reducing emissions, enhancing air quality and improving the overall health of Indiana communities,” says Bailey Arnold, senior manager of Clean Air Initiatives for the American Lung Association and program lead for the B20 Club of Indiana. “We’re looking forward to working with these exceptional fleets to fuel a cleaner future.”

MITS and Ozinga join existing fleet members Al Warren Oil Company, Altom Transport, Inc., Ball State University and the City of Fort Wayne. To be a B20 Club member, fleets must be Indiana-based and use biodiesel blends of 20 percent or higher at least six months out of the year.

In addition to fleet members, the B20 Club of Indiana has seven affiliated partners—non-profit organizations, government agencies and other groups who recognize biodiesel as a high-quality, low-carbon and clean-burning alternative fuel source—and four associate members who support cleaner air through sales and marketing of B20 to Indiana-based customers.

For more information about the B20 Club of Indiana’s members visit b20clubindiana.org/members/.

About Indiana Soybean Alliance: The Indiana Soybean Alliance works to enhance the viability of Indiana soybean farmers through the effective and efficient investment of soybean checkoff funds that protect and promote the interest of Indiana soybean farmers. The ISA works to assist soybean farmers through its strategic initiatives of market development; environmental, social and economic sustainability; value creation and producer engagement. ISA is led by an elected, farmer board that directs investments of the soybean checkoff funds on behalf of more than 20,000 Indiana soybean farmers. Learn more at indianasoybean.org.

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy, and research. The Association’s Department of Clean Air Initiatives is dedicated to providing clean air for all through its award-winning Clean Air Choice® program, which focuses on promoting and implementing alternative fuels and technologies. Learn more at cleanairchoice.org.

The B20 Club of Indiana is a collaboration between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the American Lung Association that showcases exceptional green fleets with experience using B20 or higher biodiesel blends in the state of Indiana. Learn more at B20clubIndiana.org.